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Main Features:

- Search Engine Friendly URLs
We at phpLinkDropper know the importance of search engine placement and that's why we have added the powerful feature of Search Engine Friendly URL's to your links website. Using MOD REWRITE, phpLinkDropper will create submission url's that contain the title of the submission as well as meta information including the meta descriptions.

- Framed Content
This feature allows content on your website to be shown in a framed window. Once a visitor clicks on a submitted link, the page will be opened in a new window and on the top portion will be a customizable HTML frame.

- Visitors Can Report Content
Visitors to your website (if framed content is activated) will be able to report a link submission for content. All reported content will show up in the Administration Control Panel.

- Fully Functional Password Protected Admin Backend
We have built our link submission script to be as easy to use as possible for your visitors as well as for you, the webmaster. The administration backend is a very simple and straight to the point way of managing your website. From our administration backend you can ...

- Configure Each Option of Your Website
- Manage Categories (add, edit, delete)

- Manage Submissions (add, edit, delete, active/inactive, approve/reject)
- Manage Featured Content
- Manage Reported Content
- Ban URLs and IPs for being able to submit

To see how easy our administration backend system is to use, checkout out the demo here.

- Ban IP Addresses from accessing your website and/or submitting content
phpLinkDropper allows you to ban ip addresses from accessing your website and/or submitting content.  If a banned IP address tries to access your website, you also have the option to display a message to the banned ip addresses (i.e. Website Down for Construction) or even leave it blank and that's all the person would see. IP Addresses that are on the "no submission" list will not be given the option top submit content. IP tracking has been added to all submissions, so with just the click of a button in the admin control panel you can ban the ip of the annoying spammer.  You can also manually add and delete IP addresses from the banned list.

- Ban content from specific URLs
phpLinkDropper will also allow you to disallow content from specific URLs. Similar to the Banning of IP Addresses, with the click of a button you can ban a URL and also manually add and delete URLs from the banned list.

- Text and Image Plug Manager
With phpLinkDropper's built-in Plug Manager, you can add content to your website that will gain featured exposure. Along with being able to specify the image and/or text to be linked, you can also specify when a plug campaign will start and end.

- Ability to Add Staff to Help Manage Your Website
phpLinkDropper allows you to create staff accounts to allow users to help you manage your website. When creating staff accounts you can set the username, password and even security settings for each account. Once created, a staff member logs into a secure password protected staff area. From here the staff member will be able to see all the areas they are allowed to manage, including editing and deleting items and accepting and rejecting submissions.

- Google Sitemap Creator
We know how much search engine optimization and position means to websites and therefore we have created a built-in Google Sitemap Generator. This feature will allow you to create a Google XML Sitemap for your website with the click of the button.

- RSS Feeds Generation
phpLinkDropper allows you to share your content via RSS Feeds. This feature will create RSS Feeds based upon the newest content, most popular content and even category specific content in RSS Validated feeds.

- Ready to Go Website Template
We provide you with a ready to go website template and layout so you can have your link submission website setup within minutes.

- Free UPGRADES and Support
With your purchase of phpLinkDropper you will be entitled to FREE UPGRADES and SUPPORT for phpLinkDropper. We offer many options of contact, including e-mail, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and Support Forums.

- And much much more!
To see all these features plus many others, checkout our Screenshots, or even better, take phpLinkDropper for a spin at our demo page.


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